Sketching outside

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Sketching outside

Yesterday I went on a walk and discovered an amazing place to go painting that is not far away from us. I had no idea it was so pretty and atmospheric there! Just went out to get some fresh air not expecting to find this 🙂

This afternoon I was on my own .. an ideal chance to grab an easel and rush to this place! The clouds weren’t so interesting today, it was all pretty much grey, but I didn’t mind to much. I am still amazed how green the grass is in England, even in January. So fresh! And it was not cold today.

I’ve been studying and lot about composition and painting generally lately. I bought a great book that is just full of good advice, very dense! I am hoping this will really have an impact on my technique and composition. I didn’t have much time to think about composition doing this painting, only had few hours. I am planning to make a bigger version of this, fixing few composition errors (that I can already see!) and improve it generally. Looking forward to it! It sooo much better painting outside, you don’t get just a flat image filtered through a camera lense, the whole experience is so much more rich, seeing the place as a whole, with the wind, sounds, smells (hopefully pleasant ones!) seeing the birds crossing the sky every now and then! No photo can compare to that.


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