Cherhill View


This was painted this spring (plein air) on the Cherhill in Wiltshire, the hill with white horse (not visible on this painting). It was a baking hot day but up there it was actually really lovely, with a cool breeze and away from the business of the everyday life. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this painting, capturing the various greens and freshness of the fields, going long way into the distance. I used palette knife mainly and little bit of brushwork on top.

This painting is protected by a layer of retouching varnish and if desired it can receive a coat of the final varnish in about 5 months.

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Additional information


Framed, Unframed

Height (unframed)

23 cm

Width (unframed)

30.5 cm

Depth (unframed)

0.4 cm

Material used

Canvas board