New Painting: St Ives – Boat I.

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New Painting: St Ives – Boat I.

I am always amazed by the unique atmosphere of St Ives and it’s colours. This was a small preparatory study for a larger painting (with more boats) that will become available soon as well. I was pleased with it as it was so I decided to offer it framed. What I was aiming here for was looser brush strokes and capturing the right colours, as I remembered them from when I was there last Summer. It was a short visit but wonderful and I definitely want to go back. I always seem to get cloudy weather and the tide is out each time I visit, but that allows me to walk around and enjoy this harbour beach and get close to the boats, so not a bad thing in the end! I am not usually keen on very touristy places but this one is a big exception, somehow I don’t mind it there! And I am planning to do more of small studies in the future as well as larger paintings.

If you would like to buy this painting it’s available in my store, or if you would rather like to deal with me personally you can contact me. It is of course possible to come and have a look – no obligation!

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