New painting: River Lyn

River Lyn Oil Painting Jana's blog

New painting: River Lyn

I was quite excited about discovering this river in Devon, it was exactly what I wanted to paint. I loved the stones, the dark colour of the water coming down from Exmoor, cascading in lots of small waterfalls, shaping and crafting the stones little by little. All so peaceful and quiet. It’s one of these places that photos just don’t do the justice. And this is where painting can really help to create the atmosphere, the moment. The rich colours that are present which no camera can truly capture.

In this painting I would like to invite you to step into this amazing place and admire it’s beauty. To quiet down for a little bit.

Painted mainly with brushes, with this painting I took mostly the advantage of the transparent properties of oil paint, rather than thick layers. This panting is on hardboard, which will make it very easy to frame.

I would like to stay with this theme for some time and create a whole series of painting of this picturesque river.

If you would like to buy this painting it’s available in my store, or if you would rather like to deal with me personally you can contact me. It is of course possible to come and have a look – no obligation!

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