New Painting: Green Street, Bath

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New Painting: Green Street, Bath

This is one of my paintings from my series of Bath pictures. It was a cloudy, wet day (as usual in the UK 🙂 ) but there was something about the colour harmony of this scene and warmth of the shops lights that attracted my attention. I really like the colourful touch of the bunting at the far end of this street and the pointy church steeple really makes this picture. A guy with a scarf striding quickly through and others looking through the shop windows. As I usually do, I wanted to give the viewers a lot to look at without overpowering with too much detail. I deliberately kept the brushwork loose in the foreground. 

If you would like to buy this painting it’s available in my store, or if you would rather like to deal with me personally you can contact me. It is of course possible to just come and have a look – no obligation to buy! In the end, art should be there to be seen!

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