About me and my painting

waves-of-mercyHere I am, coming back to something I love to do and wasn’t able to for so many years. It wasn’t possible for me to study art properly and life got busy so I gave up. But now I am coming back to it, learning and discovering more with each picture.

I was born in Prague, Czech republic, but I live in England now for over 5 years. This is where I started painting again.

I paint a variety of subjects, from landscapes and cityscapes to portraits. Nature is so beautiful, so diverse and so full of colours. I particularly like to paint water in any of its form – the sea, streams, rain, snow, mist, clouds… I am not just trying to paint what I see but trying to catch the atmosphere of a place, a feeling, a particular moment. There is so much beauty around us we just simply don’t have time to notice in our busy, everyday lives. And that’s what really excites me, to be able to capture these things and moments that might just go un-noticed and reveal them in my paintings.

The main focus for me lately has been including people in my paintings, telling a story yet untold. I like to leave space for the viewer to imagine what is going on in the painting, and to figure out what the story or conversation might be.

I am also available for commission work. If you would like to know more or talk to me about it please get in touch. I can paint portraits from live or from a photo.

What I use

I paint with oils on canvas boards, stretched canvas or hardboard, depending on the effect and feel I want to achieve. I prime it with multiple layers using quality acrylic gesso and final layers of a high quality oil ground. I paint with the best (artist) quality oil paints only, using brushes and pallet knives. All the colours that I use are very stable and should’t fade or change. Although it’s always a good practice with any painting not to place it in a strong, direct sunlight.

How I paint

Most of my paintings are done in a studio at the moment, but I spend considerable amount of time absorbing the atmosphere (including rain sometimes!) and feel of the place that I want to paint, taking lots of reference pictures. The plan is painting outside more and more eventually.

If you like my paintings, please share them on social media, it really helps me to spread the word! 🙂

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