Jana Forsyth

Landscape And Portrait Artist

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Painting has always been my passion. I paint in oil as this medium allows for a great flexibility and is long lasting. I am inspired mainly by nature and landscapes but I also like to include people in my paintings, telling a story in some way. I want to capture the atmosphere, a feeling, a particular moment. What really fascinates me is light and water and the way they influence each other.

Every painting is an exciting adventure for me, with a unique feel. I vary my style a bit to achieve the atmosphere and the mood I am trying to capture.

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I love to paint seascapes, my inspiration comes mainly from Cornwall and Devon, but few other places as well.

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Portrait Commissions

I can paint portraits from life or from a photograph. Please talk to me about what would be the best for you and what you would like.

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Portrait Commissions


I love to paint hills and forest areas, mainly from the English countryside. Places like Exmoor and Wiltshire.

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